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 LED lighting systems, HMI lights & Tungsten lights for television and motion pictures. Portable Generators, Generator Rentals, Event Power Distribution & Event Lighting.

SUNRAY's new large format LED TV Studio lighting fixtures feature on-board two-circuit dimmers with local control, DMX or wireless DMX control. Our sturdy aluminium enclosures are loaded with state-of-the-art LED tubes, available with clear or frosted lenses. New fixtures include: Sunray Translyte LED 424Sunray Translyte LED 412 and Sunray Translyte LED 406. The Sunray Phil-lyte LED Coop with 20 X 2-foot LED tubes and the Sunray Translyte LED Ladder are also available now. View images of film and video LED lighting systems.

DADCO & Sunray have produced a new series of LED Tube Lighting Systems that are made by IATSE Local 728 technicians in the DADCO/Sunray, Sun Valley, CA production facility.

SUNRAY is recognized worldwide as an innovative designer of HMI lighting fixtures. SUNRAY was purchased by DADCO in 2009 and since, we have designed a new line of SUNRAY HMI lights, LED and TUNGSTEN lighting fixtures. At DADCO/Sunray we stock HMI ballasts, HMI bulbs and HMI faceted reflectors.

The SUNRAY HMI light series features the innovative G-4 24KW HMI light system along with the new F18K Magnum HMI PAR with a faceted reflector.

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