HMI Lights and Daylight Fixtures for TV & Movie Production

  Sunray HMI Light Fixtures


12/18/24kW HMI Fresnel - G4

12/18/24KW HMI - SC24kW Challenger

1200/1800/2500/4000 Watt HMI Par - SS441 - Duzz All

F18K Magnum HMI PAR

Sunray F18kW Magnum HMI Par

Sunray F18kW Magnum HMI PAR

HMI Lights - HMI Lighting Systems - Daylight - Fresnel - ParG4 - 24kW HMI Fresnel

HMI Lights - HMI Lighting Systems - Daylight - Fresnel

SC24kW Challenger

DADCO, manufacturer of the Sunray line of HMI type discharge lighting fixtures for motion picture and television, manufactures two 24kW discharge light fixtures, the groundbreaking Challenger “SunArc” and the G4. Both the industry leading 24kW Challenger and the G4 are designed with a host of advanced features, including a unique cost-effective convertibility feature allowing the fixture to readily operate as either a 12, 18 or 24 kW light.

Sunray HMI light fixtures are designed by lighting technicians for lighting technicians as high-efficiency daylight booster discharge lights that approximate the color of sunlight. Sunray daylight fixtures are built with corrosion resistant extruded and die cast aluminum to maximize body strength and create a lighter fixture weight for ease of use. DADCO, in addition to the Sunray product line, manufactures a line of specialty lighting fixtures and A/C power distribution systems for motion picture, television and special events.

The “Challenger” and the "G4" 24kW lights are the first single source discharge lights that outperform the famous D/C powered carbon burning arcs, once the staple of the motion picture industry. For more than thirty years attempts have been made to perfect a single source fresnel light that would match the output of the carbon burning arc. The Challenger and G4 meet the challenge producing 30% more light output than the 18kW discharge light. Both models are E.T.L. listed to U.L. standards and built by highly-trained IATSE Local Union craftsmen at the DADCO/Sunray Sun Valley, CA facility,

DADCO services all Sunray and Filmgear® HMI lighting fixtures, its proprietary incandescent lighting, and its power distribution systems. DADCO’s Rental Division offers its complete line of proprietary products, cabling and a fleet of state-of-the-art regulatory-compliant Biodiesel Portable Power Generators. Visit the website ( for details.

  HMI - Faceted Daylight Par - Filmgear® F12 12kW

Filmgear® F12 12kW Daylight PAR

FilmGear’s product line includes a complete line of daylight and tungsten light fixtures including the industry changing F12 12kW Daylight Par with faceted reflector that requires no lenses. FilmGear’s entire line of Daylight Par Faceted HMI lights is available through Sunray and DADCO Power and Lights. Complete that include 300Hz and 1000Hz flicker-free Electronic V3 ballasts are also available.

Filmgear® has a complete line of daylight systems ranging from Daylight Par Faceted, Daylight Fresnel, Daylight Par. Daylight Boxer and Daylight Broad. Filmgear® products are enjoying an increased presence in studios and on location across North America offering turn-key solutions for television and motion pictures.               

Shortly after its introduction in 2002, Filmgear® lighting gained an uncommon popularity in the industry worldwide. Filmgear® is no newcomer to the business due to its earlier activities in OEM lighting manufacturing for large rental group in motion picture & video. Filmgear® lighting covers Daylight Fresnel, Par, Ballast, Tungsten Frensel, Space Light, Fluorescent, Studio Soft lights, Open Face, Kits for Tungsten, HMI, Fluorescent & Batteries and much more.

*HMI is an Osram brand metal-halide gas discharge lamp and the HMI designation has become a generalized term in the motion picture and television industries for all similar metal-halide lamps.

 HMI - Daylight Par - Filmgear F4 - 4kW

 HMI - Daylight Par - Filmgear F1.8 - 1.8kW

HMI - Daylight - Ballast - Filmgear 

HMI - Daylight - Ballast - Filmgear