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HMI Lights - HMI Lighting

HMI Lights and Power Distribution

DADCO manufactures portable power and light systems for motion pictures, television, and special events. From bio-diesel powered generators to AC power distribution, cables, incandescent and HMI lights – we provide comprehensive, innovative solutions.  DADCO manufactures and sells Sunray HMI Lights. Learn about the 24kW HMI Light upgrade offer for Sunray 12/18kW HMI light fixtures--an excellent way to increase wattage, conserve energy and save money.  We manufacture the new G-4 24K HMI light, the most powerful HMI in the world! DADCO also stocks HMI parts including:  HMI ballasts, HMI bulbs and now, HMI faceted reflectors.

DADCO sells and rents state-of-the-art equipment that meets the National Electrical Code and the needs of demanding clients around the world. We also stock a large number of parts, including Sunray HMI light parts.  Our highly-qualified team of professionals services all of the equipment we build. Contact DADCO about your motion picture or television production power and lighting requirements--from generators to power distribution to incandescent and HMI lights

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24kW/1200/1800/2500/4000W HMI Lights

DADCO builds G4 24kW HMI Light Fixtures and designed the Nite Sun - 4 X G4 HMI lights on a 110-foot boom truck with an on-board generator, four ballasts and remote pan, tilt and focus functions.  The newest member of the family is Sunburst -- an 1800 Watt HMI Light fixture powered by a 120V - 20A ballast.

NEWS: FilmGear, Inc. Names DADCO Master Distributor

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