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24kW Upgrade for 12/18kW Sunray HMI Light Fixtures

24kW Globe Mount Assembly

First 24kW HMI Light Fixture In The World

At last--the 24kW HMI light fixture is here! DADCO, LLC introduces the 24kW HMI "Challenger" and the "G4" 24kW HMI light fixture.

DADCO designed the 24kW HMI to accomodate 12/18/24 kW globes. It’s the most versatile, feature rich lighting fixture ever produced for motion picture and television production. This flexible fixture eliminates duplication of other lighting fixtures. These 24kW HMI's are available for purchase now.

DADCO manufactures and services the full line of Sunray HMI light fixtures. Our technicians provide prompt service and use high-quality parts. They service all Sunray HMI Lights. Contact us about Sunray HMI parts or service.

Sunray HMI Lights Retrofit Program

DADCO now offers a retrofit for existing Sunray 12/18kW units.  This will make a 12/18K into a 12/18/24K--the most powerful, versatile, HMI light fixture anywhere.  “What’s once was old is now new again,” says DADCO owner Ron Dahlquist.

Here’s how the retrofit program works:

1. Crate up your Sunray 12/18K head and ship it to us.
(Remove the bail for easier handling.)

2. We refurbish your unit with the following:

  • New ignitor designed for 12/18/24K
  • New socket and globe mount system, designed for 12/18/24K
  • New reflector, designed for better performance
  • New high voltage leads and contacts
  • Test and re-certify E.T.L. listing to U.L. standard 1573 (the N.E.C. article 53017(B) requires all non-carbon arc lamps to be listed)
  • One year warranty like new!

3. We ship the unit back to you within two weeks, and you now have a 12/18/24K HMI. All you need now is a 24K globe and ballast, available through DADCO at additional cost.
Your cost is $4,500.00 pre-paid plus the shipping cost.  This is the best investment you will make this year!

24kW HMI Lights Specifications:

Distance Feet Flood Foot Candles Spread Diameter Feet Spot Foot Candles

Spread Diameter Feet

30 1650  20  11650 
50 630  32  4800  12 
75 300 


2200  16 
100 165  68  1300  24 
120 115  80  850  28 
140 85  100  635  32 

Contact us at DADCO Sunray Retrofits