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HMI Lights - HMI Lighting

HMI Lights and Power Distribution

DADCO, LLC, a Sun Valley, CA manufacturer of portable power and lighting systems for the Motion Picture and Television industry now sells, rents and services all FilmGear products.

FilmGear’s product line includes a complete line of HMI and tungsten light fixtures including the industry changing F12 12K HMI par with faceted reflector that requires no lenses. FilmGear’s entire line of Daylight Par Faceted HMI lights will be available through DADCO Power and Lights. Complete HMI systems that include 300Hz and 1000Hz flicker-free Electronic V3 ballasts will also be available.

DADCO manufactures portable power and light systems for motion pictures, television, and special events. From bio-diesel powered generators to AC power distribution, cables, incandescent and HMI lights – we provide comprehensive, innovative solutions.  DADCO manufactures and sells Sunray HMI Lights. Learn about the 24kW HMI Light upgrade offer for Sunray 12/18kW HMI light fixtures--an excellent way to increase wattage, conserve energy and save money.  We manufacture the new G-4 24K HMI light, the most powerful HMI in the world! DADCO also stocks HMI parts including:  HMI ballasts, HMI bulbs and now, HMI faceted reflectors.

Contact DADCO about your motion picture or television production power and lighting requirements--from generators to power distribution to incandescent and HMI lights

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