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Movie Quiet Generators | Television & Motion Picture Production

Movie Quiet Generators / Studio Quiet Generators / Portable Power Distribution / Distros / Cables

Our Bio-Diesel generators meet all current A.Q.M.D. standards and are specifically designed for motion pictures, television productions and special events. These movie quiet generators are built for the entertainment industry but serve a number of commercial applications. Once at the job site it is as simple as connecting the load and pushing the start button. These are mounted on 2-axel trailers with pintile hitch. A.Q.M.D. TIER 3 registered. Bio-Deisel fuel acceptable.
  • Tractor w/larger generators available.

  • Long term rental rates available.

  • Delivery/Pick-Up $50/Local $75/Over 30 miles

  • Fueling Service Available $50/Plus Fuel Charges

  • Price, model and availability subject to change.

Fueling Service

Operators Available


Generators, trailer or truck mounted

Load Bank

Fueling service

Generator Operators


Service and Repairs

LED/HMI/Tungsten Lighting Systems

Cable and Distribution Systems

Rigging and Striking Services

DADCO has supplied Studio Quiet Generators, Portable Power Systems and Lighting for over 20 years to the Motion Picture Television Industry as well as for Special Events, Air Conditioning, Base Camps and Television Commercial Productions. Our Movie Quiet Generators are fuel efficient, AQMD compliant and easy-to-use.



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Movie Quiet Portable Generators | Television & Motion Picture Production | DADCO

 OSHA Portable Generator Grounding Requirements

2017 Rental Rates
Portable Generator
   60kW  500 Amp Tow Plant   $325 $975
  90kW  750 Amp Tow Plant   $425 $1275
  100kW  900 Amp Tow Plant   $450 $1350
 120kW 1000 Amp Tow Plant   $500 $1500
 145kW 1200 Amp Tow Plant   $525 $1575
 165kW 1400 Amp Tow Plant   $575 $1725
 195kW 1500 Amp Tow Plant   $600 $1800
  215kW 1600 Amp Tow Plant   $625 $1875
 225kW 1800 Amp Tow Plant   $650 $1950
 2500 Amp Tow Plant    $850  $2550












Mounted Generator



 Stake Bed w/500 Amp  $475 $1425
 Tractor w/1000 Amp $650 $1950
 Tractor w/1500 Amp $750 $2250
 Tractor w/2-1800 Amp $1450 CALL