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About Us

DADCO was started in 1995 by Ron Dahlquist - a 44-year member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 728 and former Chief of the Set Lighting Department at PARAMOUNT STUDIOS. Ron was also a partner in KEYLITE PRODUCTION SERVICES for 15 years, providing lighting equipment to the motion picture and television industry. He is currently director of operations at Santa Clarita Studios.

DADCO designs and manufactures portable power distribution systems and production lighting systems to accommodate the new LED and HMI lighting systems utilizing A/C power and in compliance with National Electrical Code requirements and the City of Los Angeles Electrical Code.

Prior to the introduction of HMI lights into the motion picture industry, carbon burning arcs utilizing D/C power were the standard lighting systems used in studios and on location since the 1920's.

DADCO Sunray Staff
KEYLITE was instrumental in the production of HMI lighting systems into the motion picture industry standards in 1978. It was soon discovered that the D/C power system was not adequate to handle the demands of the new HMI lighting systems and a new power system for A/C needed to be developed and the lighting technicians needed to be trained in the safe use of A/C power.

Ron has been instrumental in the design of HMI lighting systems and portable power distribution systems that meet U.L. standards and N.E.C. requirements. Ron has also been involved in the I.A.T.S.E. Safety Training Program as an instructor and consults for motion picture and television industry safety programs across the nation. DADCO is proud to be signatory with I.A.T.S.E.

Ron, along with Wally Mills (former owner CINEMILLS) have developed the latest HMI lighting system utilizing the new 24kW, HMI Globe. This new system is called Challenger and is available for purchase from DADCO.

DADCO also supplies the industry with latest state-of -the-art, TIER III, Bio-Diesel generators designed for use on motion picture and television productions and meets the current A.Q.M.D. standards. 

Recently, DADCO has partnered with Fimgear to expand the operations and global reach of both companies.
















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