LED Lighting

Sunray Translyte 406 LED System


Model: 406 - 6 X 4-foot LED Tubes


Daily Rental Rate:


TV/Motion Pictures/Special Events


Sunray Translyte systems consists of an aluminum frame with on board two circuit dimmer that has a power factor of .98. The fixture can also be linked up to external dimmers, through DMX.


The fixture can be controlled locally, by wired 5 pin DMX or wireless DMX. Two circuit wiring harness with locking end caps allows you to blend kelvin temperatures when using both daylight and tungsten tubes.


These fixtures were designed to use filmgear 4’ T12 led tubes which are available either in tungsten 3200k or daylight 5600k and can be ordered with frosted or clear lenses. (Clear lenses will provide approximately 50% more output than the frosted style).


Solid and silk skirts in addition to fabric egg crates are also available.
Diffusions or bounce material can be attached by velcro on the front of the fixture
T-rex arms for pipe mounting
Photometrics are available for all sizes

Fixture is supplied with a bail that has an 1 1/8” pin for mounting on a stand
Fixture can aslo be used with “t-rex” arms for pipe mounting
Fixtures can be stacked on top of each other by bolting the feet together, fixtures can also be bolted together side by side offering endless options