LED Lighting Systems for TV and Motion Picture Production

LED lighting systems have grown immensely in use and popularity over the last several years. Among the many benefits for producers and broadcasters is the low power consumption and low heat output of LED lights. There is significant energy savings and because of the low heat output and lower set temperatures, LEDs make it more comfortable for both talent and crews during production. In recent years LED (Light-emitting diode) lamps have started being widely used in TV studios for cost, performance and quality of light. LED lighting has become prominent on movie sets, television studios, studio stages and on-location for television production, motion picture production and filmmaking. LED lights are used for video production and film production around the world.

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Sunray Translyte LED Systems

Sunray Translyte LED Systems are housed in sturdy "hard body" aluminium fixtures that feature on-board two circuit dimmers. DADCO and Sunray, with more than forty years of combined experience in lighting technology, have collaborated to produce a new series of LED Tube Lighting Systems that are made by IATSE Local 728 technicians in the DADCO/Sunray Sun Valley, CA production facility. 3200K and 5600K T12 LED tubes with clear or frosted lenses ship with the systems. View large images of Sunray LED Lighting Systems 424, 412, 406 and Coop.

Sunray LED Lighting Systems

Pictured above are the Sunray Translyte LED Model 406, Sunray Translyte LED Model 412 and Sunray Translyte LED Model 424 and the Sunray Overhead PHIL-LYTE LED Coop. LED fixtures create ample light for digital cinematography and modern lenses and with advanced dimming controls Sunray LED lighting systems can be controlled with traditional DMX dimmers or wireless controls. LED lights can also be dimmed without color shift and they emit light in a range of color temperatures without the use of color filters. LED lights also have a long life 30,000 to 50,000 hours. This is longer than fluorescent tubes and far longer incandescent bulbs. Unlike some types of lights, they light up and stabilize almost instantly. Pictured below (not to scale) are the 3 Sunray Translyte systems (406, 412 and 424) in a stack and a Sunray Translyte LED Ladder.

Sunray LED Ladder

Sunray LED Hard Body Stack of Fixtures


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