Night Lights | TV & Movie Production | 96kW HMI Boom Truck

Television and Film Production Night Lights on a Mobile Boom Truck - 96kW HMI Lights - Remote Controllable

The G4 Nite Sun was designed to bring maximum location lighting on demand in one complete package. The G-4 Nite Sun features 4-24kW HMI fixtures. The vehicle's boom can reach a maximum height of 110’ and is fully self-contained with its own on board generator. These four G-4 24kW fixtures produce nearly 20 million lumens with flicker free ballasts.

Each G-4 24kW fixture can be controlled independently by the operator to pan, tilt, spot, and flood. Gels can be attached individually using extension ears with 4X4 frames or a 12x12 frame can be mounted in front of all 4 fixtures.

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Night Lights | TV & Movie Production | 96kW HMI Boom Truck

Night Lights - Television and Movie Production - 96kW Mobile Boom Truck

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