Tungsten Lights & Incandescent Lighting for Film and Video

  Sunray Tungsten Light Fixtures

Filmgear® Tungsten Light Fixtures

20/24kW Tungsten Fresnel

24kW/20kW Studio Tungsten Fresnel

10/12kW Tungsten Fresnel

12kW/10kW Studio Tungsten Fresnel

5000W Tungsten Fresnel

5000W Studio Tungsten Fresnel

2000W Tungsten Fresnel

2000W Studio Tungsten Fresnel

Tungsten Lights - Incandescent Lighting Systems - FresnelSunray 24kW Tungsten Fresnel

Tungsten Lights - Incandescent Lighting Systems -Filmgear - Fresnel

Filmgear Tungsten Fresnel 20kW/24kW Studio Light

Sunray Tungsten Fresnel series of lights are ideal for television and motion picture production. Sunray Tungsten Fresnels are built with corrosion resistent extruded and die cast aluminum to maximize body strength and create a lighter fixture weight for ease of use. With even light output and a short focal length, these lights are durable and easy to maintain. The Sunray Tungsten series of incandescent lights are available in 150W, 300W, 650W, 1000W, 2000W, 5000W, the 10/12kW combo fixture and a highly improved 20/24kW fixture.

Sunray Tungsten light fixtures are designed by lighting technicians for lighting technicians. Sunray tungsten fixtures are built with corrosion resistant extruded and die cast aluminum to maximize body strength and create a lighter fixture weight for ease of use. DADCO, in addition to the Sunray product line, manufactures a line of specialty lighting fixtures and A/C power distribution systems for motion picture, television and special events.

Tungsten lights have a color temperature ranging from 3000 to 3400 Kelvin. Tungsten or incandescent light for television and movie production is basically a much more powerful version of the common incandescent household light bulb. Tungsten lighting is usually used to light interiors as it matches the warm light associated with domestic incandescent lighting.

All models are E.T.L. listed to U.L. standards and built by highly-trained IATSE Local Union craftsmen at the DADCO/Sunray Sun Valley, CA facility,

DADCO services all Sunray and Filmgear® Tungsten lighting fixtures, its proprietary HMI lighting, and its power distribution systems. DADCO’s Rental Division offers its complete line of proprietary products, cabling and a fleet of state-of-the-art regulatory-compliant Biodiesel Portable Power Generators. Visit the website (http://www.dadcopowerandlights.com) for details.

  Tungsten Lights - Sunray 10kW Tungsten Fresnel

Sunray 10kW Tungsten Fresnel

FilmGear’s product line includes a comprhensive set of tungsten light fixtures including Tungsten Fresnel, Space Light, Open Face, Tungsten Broad, Softlight, Cinesoft, Topcyc, Ground Row, Maxibrute and Minibrute.

Filmgear® products are enjoying an increased presence in studios and on location across North America offering turn-key solutions for television and motion pictures. Shortly after its introduction in 2002, Filmgear® lighting gained an uncommon popularity in the industry--worldwide.              

Filmgear® lighting covers Daylight Fresnel, Par, Ballast, Tungsten Frensel, Space Light, Fluorescent, Studio Soft lights, Open Face, Kits for Tungsten, HMI, Fluorescent & Batteries and much more.

*HMI is an Osram brand metal-halide gas discharge lamp and the HMI designation has become a generalized term in the motion picture and television industries for all similar metal-halide lamps.

Tungsten Lights - Incandescent Lighting Systems - Open Face - Cinelite 


Filmgear Open Face Cinelite 1000W

Tungsten Lights - Incandescent Lighting Systems - Broad 5kW

Filmgear Tungsten Broad 5000W

             Tungsten Lights - Incandescent Lighting Systems - Top Cyc 4Cyclorama Light Topcyc 4

Tungsten Lights - Incandescent Lighting Systems - Softlight                      

Filmgear Softlight 5000W