Control Added Technology BlackCAT & OctoCAT Distros

BlackCAT 100A Lunchboxes incorporate Swisson™, DMX, RDM, and Ethernet distribution, as well as LumenRadio’s CMRX™ wireless technology, into DADCO’s power distribution products to offer one compact integrated unit.

DADCO has taken the age-old phrase by Ralph Waldo Emerson “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door” and has enhanced its line of proven portable power distribution systems with Control Added Technology to meet the current requirements of the growing number of LED fixtures used for motion picture and television lighting. 

The OctoCAT is the newest member of the Control Added Technology (CAT) family of integrated power and control products from DADCO.


Control Added Technology

The proliferation of control protocols such as DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN, RDMnet, GTDF, and Ethernet requires flexible data distribution solutions to cover productions of all sizes and complexity.  The OctoCAT integrates data distribution with technology from Swisson and wireless technology from LumenRadio; both world renowned manufacturers with a stellar record in the film and TV industry.

The following data distribution options are currently available:

OctoCAT-N: Ethernet Node with 8 output ports of DMX/RDM

OctoCAT-W: Dual LumenRadio CRMX Opto Splitters with 1 input, 1 through, & 4 output ports each 

OctoCAT-P: Programmable DMX/RDM Opto Splitter with 2 input and 8 output ports

OctoCAT-R: DMX/RDM Opto Splitter with 1 input and 8 output ports

Control Added Technology - DMX, RDM, Ethernet
 Control Added Technology  Control Added Technology
 Control Added Technology  Control Added Technology


LED lighting has become omnipresent on stages, in studios, and on-location for television, motion picture, and video production. DADCO’s BlackCAT Lunchbox distros are designed to provide both power and data for LED systems as well as DMX capable legacy devices and traditional incandescent and HMI lighting fixtures. 

DADCO has for more than 25 years manufactured power distribution systems listed by ETL to UL1640. Existing DADCO Lunchboxes can be upgraded with Control Added Technology and versions with L520, L530, L620, L630, and 19pin Soca output connectors are also available.

100 AMP Lunchbox Distro - DMX / RDM / Ethernet Wireless

DMX Lighting Controls

100Amp 120V Bates connector In/Out
5-20amp 120v duplex out
5-port DMX optospliter + in/thru

100 Amp 120V Bates connector In/Out
5-20 amp 120v duplex out
5-port DMX/RDM optosplitter + in/thru

100 Amp 120V Bates connector In/Out
5-20 amp 120v duplex out
4-port DMX optosplitter + in/thru
LumenRadio CRMX™ Wireless Transceiver

100 Amp 120V Bates connector In/Out
5-20 amp 120v duplex out
Ethernet Node / 4-port DMX out 

 Control Added Technology  Control Added Technology

100 Amp 240V Bates connecter In/Out
4-20 amp 240V Twist Out
5-port DMX optosplitter In/Out

100 Amp 120V Bates connector In/Out
10-20 amp TRV1 Outlet Connector
4-port DMXoptpslitter + in/thru
LumenRadio CMRX™ Wireless Transceiver


 Control Added Technology CAT
Black CAT Lunchbox Distro   Black CAT Lunckbox Distros
 Black CAT Lunchbox Distro  Black CAT Lunchbox Distro